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Print WordSheets

Word sheets are used as a marketing tool in a clever marketing strategy targeted at every household with a refrigerator. We recognized that there are business opportunities where human traffic is active. Starting with our homes, the kitchen to be particular is an area of daily activity.

The kitchen is a hive of activity because where there is food, there will be people nearby. In this case, the refrigerator is where our word sheets most effective in delivering their intended purpose. With food inside the fridge, it is an effective strategy to get that attention from people and deliver that message.

Our word sheets when stuck in front of the fridge door can effectively advertise repeatedly to a person reaching in to find food. Word sheets will be effective marketing tools because the ads are delivered to people who have or will satisfy their hunger; after doing so are more receptive to ideas with a full stomache.

Word sheets is a innovative marketing strategy, in which the combination of physics and psychology is used to come up with this useful and clever product. Printed on 0.40mm magnetic stock, word sheets adheres to any metallic surfaces. Your logo, tagline, or brand can now be stuck at the fridge doors of your customers. Clearly, it is an advantage in marketing your business.

Our online printing service can handle your volume or few pieces of word sheets. At an affordable price, we include delivering your order right to your doorstep. A proof that high quality products, and excellent service are our objectives in Ready Steady Print.

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