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Window Cling Stickers (Electrostatic)

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More info on Window Cling Stickers (Electrostatic)

In retailing, customers act on impulse. In other words, they buy your product based on suggestion. Electrostatic stickers do more than just suggest, they persuade your customers with enhanced graphic designs that overwhelm and increase the average purchase.

Goods and merchandise won’t sell themselves to customers, unless there is a call to act on it. As time lessens the freshness of goods, and achievement of sales targets; It is very essential to have point of purchase materials to keep up with productivity. And for this reason, let our electrostatic stickers advertise your business where it counts.

Ads are essential in a retail store. However it is more essential that the right kind of material is used. Prices and quality must be communicated visibly to customers, and this is just how our electrostatic stickers function. Being on the right height, size, colours, and location; they tell your customer to buy in your store. And since they can be easily removed and repositioned, they do not damage the surfaces of your establishment. It even comes with a window cling that can be used several times for glass and other smooth surfaces.

Electrostatic stickers as point of purchase materials are clean and an effective way to advertise. Nowadays, we have customers who are keen in how we present our business; spotting the slightest errors and then moving on to find another perfect ad. We want to avoid your business ad from being inferior against your competitor. And no amount of manual paper and marker ads can match this professionally designed marketing tool for your retail store. Let Ready Steady Print offer you point of purchase perfection to match your business with Electrostatic stickers.

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