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Our Average Print TaT - Turnaround Times

Below are our average Print2Dispatch times for each particular stock and should serve as a guide only

If you require your order by a particular day please check prior to placing your order AND be sure to state the required delivery day (if any) at the checkout. If we are unable to have them delivered in time we will cancel your order and waive the cancellation fee. Please note that our internal cut off time for same day runs is 12:00pm AEST each and every day

If you don't tell us that you need your order by a particular day and we process your order obvioulsy we can't take responsiblity for missed deadlines.

Standard / Coated Papers - Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets

115gsm Gloss art paper - 3-5 working Days

150gsm Gloss art paper - 2-4 working days

150gsm Matt art paper - 3-5 working days

170gsm Gloss art paper - 1-3 working days

170gsm Matt art paper - 2-4 working days


Specialty / Uncoated Papers - Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets, Letterheads, With Comps

100gsm Laserbond - 2-4 working days

104gsm Expression - 4 working days

270gsm Coated1 - 4-6 workign days

280gsm Knight - 5-7 working days

350gsm Coated1 - 3-5 working days

352gsm Expression - 5-7 working days


Recycled Papers

100gsm Impact - 4-6 working days

115gsm Envirocare - 5-7 working days

120gsm Ecostar - 3-5 working days 

150gsm Monza Recycled - 3-5 working days

250gsm Monza Recycled - 2-4 working days

300gsm Ecostar - 5-7 working days

300gsm Envirocare - 5-7 working days

350gsm Impact - 4-6 working days

350gsm Cyclus - 6-8 working days