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Why use a Print Broker?

In short, you want the benefit of the competitiveness of the open market, but the convenience of dealing with one organisation. There are a large number of print suppliers based in Melbourne alone let alone across Australia or even offshore.. 

Each supplier has different capabilities, different capacities and differnet areas of specialisation based on what equipment 
and experience they have (e.g. A2 4 Colour Press, A3 2 Colour Press etc...) Whilst there are some printer's that can complete an entire job under the one roof, the efficient and competitive print companies will outsource different components to ensure that the highest quality product is delivered in the quickest timeframe and in the most cost effective manner.


It would take a very long time for an end client or a graphic designer acting on behalf of a client to get quotes from every one of these suppliers for a particular project. Over time we have collated an enormous amount of print quote data based on what 
specific printing press each supplier has.

This means we are able to quickly and easily find the best prices the open market has to offer. We know in 
advance which suppliers are going to be most competitive for specific jobs. We wouldn't ask a supplier with an 
A1 Press to print 1000 A3 Posters, as this would be more economical to print with a supplier who has an A3 
Press. Ready Steady Print does not deal with ALL the suppliers in the region, just a selection of suppliers we know we 
can rely on from a quality point of view. So we are providing two key aspects of the formula for printing: 
best price, best quality. 

The third part of the formula is turnaround. Because we are a conduit for our many clients who are end clients,
graphic designers or other advertising/media businesses, we are sending our suppliers an enormous amount of 
work. Because of this we have the respect of our suppliers who will respond to our request for an urgent
turnaround of a job. This is because they know we are a large, regular client. We don't spring fast turnaround 
on our suppliers all the time as we have to have a realistic relationship, however in most cases we can usually
deliver goods within tight deadline if required.

From the point of view of graphic designers or advertising/media businesses we are like an outsourced employee
who is looking after the print management and procurement process for them, but at a reduced cost because
we are working at contract rates. We are only employed when work is required. This makes us a perfect solution 
for small to medium sized graphics industry businesses who want to focus on what they do best which is creative
design and concepts.

Printing Offshore.

Ready Steady Print now offers clients cheaper prices for printing larger projects in Korea, Taiwan and Shenzen. If your project can afford a 4-6 week turnaround your organisation can save up to 40% by printing offshore. We recently saved 
one of our clients $3000 on a 60pp A4 magazine which took a total of 5 weeks to produce from delivery of
artwork to delivery of goods in Australia.

Typically offshore printing is a good solution for clients who have planned the timeline of their project well and
can factor in the 4-6 week turnaround time involved with shipping the goods to Australia either from Taiwan
or South Korea. Just as there is a threshold in price between printing digitally and offset, there is also a threshold
where printing offshore is not as cheap as in Australia. Feel free to contact us to discuss the nature of your 
project if you think that it qualifies for being suitable to print offshore.

A new software installation now makes our search for the best printing price for you even more thorough. We have been using the new software for over a month now and it has helped to streamline the process of tracking down the best-prices for a range of printing needs.

We also use the software to actively track the median prices for a wide range of printing. This means we are able to quickly scan the average price for most types of printing work. In many cases we already have an exact match for a new quote request on our system. The benefit of this is two-fold. We put less pressure on our suppliers having to produce new quotes and we can give our clients faster quote turnaround times.