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Magnetic Photoframes

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Print Magnetic Photoframes

People spend a lot of time around computers, and television, and other media. No doubt these appliances have a great number of advertisement feeds. However, people do also spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Because where there is food, it is certain to have a lot of people around it. And where the fridge is at, is where high traffic activity can be found.

In every home, and in all parts of the world, people recognize this cold food storage called Refrigerator. If you were to involve the households into your business, Custom magnets with personalized ad designs is the convenient way to advertise to kitchen goers. If perfectly designed with our design guide, it is a single time indispensable marketing tool that delivers your ads right in front of the fridge with food inside as bait; a very effective way of getting your customer’s attention.

Magnetic photo frames are personalized items that would go well with most people and their fridge. Ready Steady Print provides you with high quality custom magnets with our 0.40mm magnetic stock material which is strong enough to last a long time. Its’ strength is also strong enough to hold on to any metallic surface, and ideally it should be your customer’s fridge door.

Ready Steady Print provides excellent magnetic printing service to produce your desired custom magnet products. Our magnet printing services has a turnaround time of 5 days, and can handle your volume orders. At an affordable price, you can be sure that these custom magnets are cost effective marketing tools that help you and your business profit with the help of every fridge in every household.

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