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Fridge Magnets

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A lot of people are familiar with a refrigerator; and have their own experiences in opening one and reaching in. Where a lot have failed to capitalize on this opportunity; Ready Steady Print offers to you our custom fridge magnets; as we recognize the human traffic a refrigerator can generate. Where there is food, there are people; and on these trips to the refrigerator are the opportunities to advertise your business ads. The smooth metal surface of this kitchen appliance is just perfect for advertisements.

Fridge magnets can bear printing of your ads, and deliver that message to people in every visit they make to kitchens. Have your own creative design, or choose from our product templates. We provide you with a design guide to follow the trim lines on the indicated template; and prevent your design from being cut at the wrong area or lose some portions on your artwork.

Our fridge magnets are offered in various sizes to match the layout that you prefer for your work. Thick and durable 0.40mm magnetic stock is used in making fridge magnets for the longevity of the product. We do online magnet printing in high quality with a turnaround time of 5 business days.

Take the opportunity to avail of this product as a marketing tool for your business; and know that people in a household is aware of your business. Acquire a share of that refrigerator space working for your business by letting Ready Steady Print do your fridge magnet orders.

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