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Freight Options

We use many different print finishers around the country. We have carefully selected a 6 printers in Victoria, 3 in New South Wales, 4 in Queensland and 3 in Western Australia to ensure that we are able to get your printing order filled at the lowest possible price and at your door in the shortest time. You can be confident that when you buy print from Ready Steady Print, you are getting high quality printing to your door as quickly as possible.

What's the cost of freight?

All of our prices online include delivery to one metro location anywhere in Australia with every standard order. However, if your job needs to be delivered with a quicker turnaround time, to multiple locations or something out of the ordinary then additional charges may apply.

Can RSP deliver straight to your client?

We'll deliver your print products wherever you want us to!  All you need to do is enter the details in the delivery stage as you go through our online ordering process.

We'll even deliver your job in plain packaging so your clients are none the wiser.

And did someone just ask if RSP can deliver to multiple addresses?

Yes! If you've got individual delivery needs, we have that covered and can provide split deliveries within our online ordering system.