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What we love and what we hate...

We accept all industry standard programs - Adobe Creative Suite and Quark Xpress.

We do however require print ready PDF files created to our own specifications. Files provided in another format will require our operators to complete a manual change and may incur a nominal charge.

Please right click on the file below to save our job settings and then install them into your acrobat folder.

Download our Adobe Settings for 2012.

As all of our printnig is done on offset commercial printing presses we are unable to accept Microsoft Word, Publisher or Excel files. It is important to know that whilst these programs are able to generate PDF files, they are sometimes masked and cause errors with the finished product that are unidentifiable until actually printed. These errors include, shaddows appearing/disappearing, fonts dropping off or defaulting to another character, pictures moving or vanishing and colours outputting incorrectly. If you are unsure, why not have us RIP your file for you before you print. Click here for a FREE File Check